Day 2, Friday, November 20, 2020

Emcee: Roselle Ranario
Cebu Normal University, Philippines

NB: All times indicated in Philippine Standard Time

12:30 NN to 8:30 PM Gather Futures Plaza
9:00 – 10:50 AM Plenary 3: Public Health in a Post-Pandemic World




Susan Roth

Asian Development Bank, Philippines


Peter Black

Essential Foresight, Australia


Jose Ramos

Action Foresight, Mexico


Foresight in an Infected World: What did we Learn from a Virus

Ozcan Saritas

Higher School of Economics, Moscow


Plenary Chair: 

Alex Brillantes

University of the Philippines, National College of Public Administration and Governance, Philippines

10:50 – 11:00 AM Health Break
11:00 – 12:30 NN Zoom into the Futures Sessions
Zoom into the Futures 7:

Nature Futures




Using Futures Studies to Enable the Energy Transition

Norike Ganhao

Powerlink Queensland, Australia


From Foresight to Power: Challenging and Reimagining Futures and Pathways of Land Use, and Water Governance

Heidi Mendoza

Forest Foundation Philippines

Peachie Valera

Center for Engaged Foresight, Philippines


Collaborative Communities in Uncertain Futures

Samantha Suppiah

Global Regeneration CoLab, Philippines

Sahana Chatoopadhyay

Proteeti Consulting, India



Stef Dela Cruz

Vegan X Movement, Philippines

Zoom into the Futures 8:

Conspiratorial Thinking and Alternative Futures




Fake News and the Mediascape: An Examination of the Future of Media

Kevin Jae

Diversity Institute, Canada


Power and Presence in Virtual Asia: Conscious Relationship to Information in the Age of Fake News

Marcus Anthony

Beijing Institute of Technology, China



Christina Monroe

East-West Center Leadership Program, United States of America

Zoom into the Futures 9:

Next Generation Perspectives on Futures of Asia




Schools of the Future: No classes, No subjects, No exams

Raya Bidshahri


HUM.2035: Creating a Humanitarian Futures Lab

Rohan Patankar and Aditya Prakash

Quicksand, India


Designing Tomorrows: Futures, Collectives & Experimentation

Mansi Parikh

Future Tense, India


Futures from the Periphery

Virkein Dhar

Poppy Seed Lab, India



Pupul Bisht

School of International Futures, United Kingdom

Zoom into the Futures 10:

Democratizing Futures


Whatever happened to pro-poor foresight?

Umar Sheraz

Comsat University, Pakistan


Hybrid Sustainability Governance Paradigms of the 22nd Century: Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices as Core Philosophy of the Future Philippine State

Danesto Anacio

University of the Philippines


Democratizing Futures through trial, error, and exploration

Benjamin Ong and David Tan

UNDP Malaysia



Jose Decolongon

Asian Institute of Management, Philippines

Zoom into the Futures 11:

Futures of Higher Education




Com. Aldrin Darilag

Commission of Higher Education, Philippines

Evolving Higher Education in the Asia Pacific Region

Jennifer Gidley

Futurist, Psychologist, and Author, Australia


Tirso Ronquillo

Philippine Association of State Colleges and Universities, Philippines


Ferdinand Nicolas

Northwestern University Philippines



Emmanuel De Guia

Philippine Senate, Philippines 

Zoom into the Futures 12:

Seeking Inclusivity through Postnormal Times in Asia and Beyond




Eda Suhana Sharudin

Universiti Selangor, Malaysia


Khairul Arifin Mohd Munir

Institut Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


Linda Hyökki

The Centre for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies, Turkey



Scott Jordan

The Centre for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies, Malaysia

12:30 – 1:30 PM Health Break
1:30 – 2:50 PM Fireside Chat 2: 

Economy and Productivity 2050


Keynote Speaker:


Self-Actualization Economy

Jerome Glenn

Millennium Project, USA



Michael Jackson

Shaping Tomorrow, Philippines

James Redden

RTI Innovation Advisors, United States of America


Miguel Jimenez

Futures Intelligence and Strategic Foresight, Spain

Ambisyon 2040

Rosemarie G. Edillon

National Economic Development Authority, Philippines


Asia 2050: Confessions of a Time Traveller

Anita Sykes-Kelleher

Design Futures, Australia



Joel Tan-Torres

University of the Philippines Virata School of Business, Philippines

2:50 – 3:00 PM Health Break
3:00 – 4:30 PM Workshops/Provocations 
Provocations 2:

Familiar and New Normal




Familiar Futures Flowing

Maya Van Leemput

Erasmus University Brussels – Agence Future, Belgium


The Future of the Work Environment

Francis Kim De Guzman

NTT, Philippines

Normal 3.0 – Post-Pandemic Normal

Joyce Goia

Association of Professional Futurists, United States of America



Reginald Ugaddan

Center for Public Administration and Governance Education University of the Philippines

Open Space 2:

How to Create an Open Space for Collaboration in the Digital Age Amongst Futurists, Foresight Practitioners and those starting out in Futures Thinking 



Tanja Schindler

Futures Space, Germany

Graciela Guadarrama

Futures Space, Mexico

Workshop 3:

Goodbye Zoom fatigue – How to facilitate online futures workshops that will capture and hold anyone’s attention and imagination?


Nur Anisah Abdullah

Tamkang University

Shakil Ahmed

Acumen Academy, Bangladesh

Adam Shape

MetaFuture, Australia

Workshop 4:

Resilient and Antifragile Asian Futures in Emergency Disaster Management


Donna Dupont

Purple Compass, Canada

Shermon Cruz

Center for Engaged Foresight, Philippines

4:30 – 4:40 PM Health Break
4:40 – 5:50 PM Special Session 2:

Corporate Foresight: A Force for Good?




Introducing Corporate Foresight as part of the Innovation Journey: The AIM experience

Jose Decolongon

Asian Institute of Management, Philippines


Corporate Foresight: A Misunderstood Force for Good?

Alessandro Fergani

National University of Singapore, Singapore


Embedding Corporate Foresight in International Business Managerial Practices

Taras Danko and Natalia Shyriaieva National Technical University-Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine



Shermon Cruz

Center for Engaged Foresight, Philippines

5:50 – 6:00 PM Health Break
6:00 – 7:00 PM Plenary 4:

State of the Future 2050: Panel Discussion with Millennium Project Chairs




Asanga Abeyagoonasekera,

Millennium Project, Sri Lanka


Puruesh Chaudhary

Millennium Project, Pakistan


Shermon Cruz and Lizan Perante Calina

Millennium Project, Philippines


Hayato Kobayashi

Millennium Project, Japan



Anita Sykes-Kelleher

Millennium Project, Australia